Sensuality, Sexuality, Spirituality Entwined

I have been noticing lately, that as I grow in my spirituality through my involvement with the Prayer and Life Workshops Bacolod, I seem to be getting … uhm… “more easily turned on”– by a picture here, a gesture there, a line from a song somewhere.

And then I remember how this happened to me too during the early years of my meditation practice since I started meditating in December 2006.  Is this just me, or what?

So I searched again, and this is what I found.  Very relieved to know!

Your sensual and sexual nature are real. They are fundamental to who you are. The energy “lives” in the root and 2nd chakras, and for most, this energy stagnates there. And then people complain that their life is not stimulating, fun, inspired, passionate and creative. Most people just put up with this. Many are the people who have had “bad” experiences in this area and “stick there,” refusing to move past the accumulated pain, judgment, and distress. Neutral or worse.

Others shut down and pretend to be “spiritual.” They live in their heads and deny their bodies. (Hair shirts, anyone?) Ungrounded spirituality is senseless (get it ??) and foolish, and unworkable. You can be spiritual when you are dead. In the mean time, grounding into all of your feelings is crucial.

Now, some of those feelings will be uncomfortable. If you breathe into them and accept them as a part of you, they will release you from their thrall. And you will move past neutral.

Sensual experience is not a head experience. You’ll not find a satisfactory explanation for why it is essential that we feel, and feel deeply. Rather, to move beyond neutral, there must be a surrendering into the feelings, and a surrendering of the need to know.”

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Bios and Zoe

Bios and Zoe


Bios (biological) life is that life that comes to us from nature, the life that is always tending to run down and decay and needs to be nourished constantly with air, water and food.

Spiritual life (Zoe), on the other hand, is the life which is in God from all eternity, which has always existed and will always exist…

The difference between having bios and zoe is like the difference between a statue and a man. A man who changed from having bios to zoe would have gone through as big a change as a statue which changed from being a carved statue to being a real man.

C. S. Lewis

Siargao Isle Making Waves Worldwide

DAPA, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte – The famous Paradise Island of Siargao, the Philippines’ surfing capital, was recently cited as one of Southeast Asia’s top tropical wonderlands by Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia.The prestigious magazine with its corporate headquarters in Hong Kong has included Siargao in its list of 8 Ultimate Islands.

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Bedding the Bedouin Man, by Ana Santos

“The Bedouins represent a far-off country with intriguing practices and cultures. Not to mention that these guys live in tents or caves and know how to survive the cruel conditions of the desert. It makes for a heady concoction of raw masculinity personified in bodies naturally toned as a result of fighting it out with the elements of nature. It is a classic, irresistible mix of exoticism that is well, knee–weakening.”

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On another point —
“Much has already been written about the sex tourism in Asia and the Western men in search of the exoticism, and the women who can give it to them.


But as the bank rollers of the oldest profession of the world are traditionally men, this kind of sex tourism is automatically looked upon as exploitation of women and condemned by general society.


While the women, on their journey to the Middle East, are looked on with a patronizing sympathy that borders on disdain and judgment. It is another kind of double standard—the polarity of which, is striking.


But doesn’t it all boil down to our basic make-up as humans? The need for some semblance of love in whatever form—sex, affection, companionship—is culturally indifferent.

It is a basic human need much like eating and breathing, not only necessary for the propagation of a new generation, but for one’s own personal survival.
And apparently, it is a need that many of those emotionally and sexually starved will cross oceans and deserts to find.”

New Member of Swan Family, Aulanko Pond, Finland


On 13.07.2012 after reading in news that the Swan couple in Aulanko Pond, Finland had given birth to a Cygnet for the second time in history, we decided to go and see if we’d be lucky to get a glimpse of the new member in Swan family!OTOS972

When we reached the Pond, the sky was cloudy and we could not see the Swans.


But slowly the clouds started withdrawing and sky became clear.


From distance, we could see one swan sitting on the curb of pathway.


The Swan was evidently unaffected by our presence!



We searched all sides of the Pond for the Cygnet.

We decided to go to other side of  the pond to see see if we could find the cygnet there.



We were about to give up, when the Cygnet appeared on the other side and we rushed back there to film it.


The baby swan can…

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