Things To Do With Sudden Alone Time and Space

Nurture your own garden;

Nourish your own soul.

photo credits to Mobile Toones

1. Sleep longer, uninterrupted
2. Wake up at dawn & take long walks around Nature
3. Take longer, slower showers
4. Read for pleasure
5. Write longer on journal
6. Clean, reorganize stuff
7. Walk around the house naked, barefooted, to let the body fully breathe
8. Turn up the volume on favorite classical/instrumental music
9. Dance if you feel like it
10. Meditate
11. Treat self to beauty salon pampering
12. Treat self to spa massage
13. Cook for self, for pleasure
14. Sketch, doodle, color
15. If outside, people-watch
16. Pray
17. Refresh Vision Board
18. Update Gratitude List
19. Update To Do List
20. Once refreshed and re-energized (and only WHEN refreshed and re-energized!), work on papers and other work-related reading, thinking & writing stuff

P.S.  It’s interesting how, when I searched Google for “alone” images, most that came up were the sad/ lonely kinds of images.  😦  I never believed nor experienced alone-ness as that!

photo credits to Emmanuel Dagher


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