Car Wash Surprise on a Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

As soon as I got home from the facial salon last Sunday, I had to ask Thea (my 20-year-old daughter), “I don’t give off the aura of a stalking cougar type, do I?”

My dear Thea promptly said, “No, of course not! Why, what happened?”

And I had to tell her about this attractive younger (mid- to late-20s) man who befriended me at the car wash earlier in the afternoon and coaxed me out of the book I was reading.

photo credits to The Bacolod Food Hunters
(but this wasn’t the exact car wash I’m blogging about here 🙂 )

It happened again, a stranger chats me up at some public place, but this time, instead of me getting them to spill the beans on their lives, this man gets ME to spill the beans on my life by his gentle, curious questioning!

I was reading Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” and underlining and marking with my pencil the words and lines I liked, and from out of the blue, this male voice asks, “Mind if I ask why you’re doing that?” and I turn to see that the voice’s owner has seated himself next to me. So I explained briefly why I do it and got back to my book, and it took 3 pages more of my reading and his friendly asking that it occurred to me that he wanted to talk to me!

It went on like that and I felt like I was the younger one clumsily answering his curious, interested questions, not quite getting the subtle hints at more-than-passing interest on cue, while he looked upon me amusedly and gently, and all the while at the back of my mind I was asking my self if I gave off anything the least bit cougar-ly! 😦

And all the while, I was thinking too, “Gaaaad! I’m so rusty at this now!” (And then a second voice in my head pipes up, “When were you ever smooth at this, huh?”)  : I


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