Photographing the photographer

Travel and photography. I see myself doing more of these for the rest of my life. Right now, I content myself with sharing vicariously the experiences of new blogger friends who are already into this, like The Budget Wanderers.



Wandering is not just experiencing the place, or having a great time. For us, it is a moment to unravel not just what we do not know, but an opportunity to create memories that we wanted to remember.

One of the most exciting things we have done is capturing photos, not just of the place, the people around the location, and the environment that makes it breathtaking; but, taking portraits of fellow artists that makes the whole experience worth remembering. Though it is suggestive of the creativity of a photographer to look not just on the subject matter in another perspective, it seizes the chance of catching another person’s imaginative mind. The mind that inspires…The thoughts which are artistically-oriented…And the silent communication of the lenses!  This provides a more genuine experience that will last a lifetime, as the wanderer bonds with other wanderers. Capturing the friendship that started…

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