New Member of Swan Family, Aulanko Pond, Finland


On 13.07.2012 after reading in news that the Swan couple in Aulanko Pond, Finland had given birth to a Cygnet for the second time in history, we decided to go and see if we’d be lucky to get a glimpse of the new member in Swan family!OTOS972

When we reached the Pond, the sky was cloudy and we could not see the Swans.


But slowly the clouds started withdrawing and sky became clear.


From distance, we could see one swan sitting on the curb of pathway.


The Swan was evidently unaffected by our presence!



We searched all sides of the Pond for the Cygnet.

We decided to go to other side of  the pond to see see if we could find the cygnet there.



We were about to give up, when the Cygnet appeared on the other side and we rushed back there to film it.


The baby swan can…

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