2013 Intention: Be Kinder to Me

Being  “kinder to me” means —

1. not thinking, believing, insisting that I have to do it all anymore;

2.  letting God supply my and my children’s every need; looking to God first and foremost as my Headship and Covering for guidance, protection and provision now (which means not looking to some other human sources — like a particular person in our lives — and just get frustrated and upset when the provision is delayed, lacking, resentfully given, etc.)

3.  letting other people do good things for me without feeling beholden, like I have to pay it back in some way or another, but feeling graciously and humbly grateful instead and just say “thank you” and bask in the joy of receiving as well as in their joy in giving;


4.  not taking on more work than my body and energies and spirit can handle in a day and then feeling guilty about it;

5.  respecting my daily energies and not pushing myself to do more when I’ve had enough, to just do each thing on a best-effort basis and let the rest wait for another day and another set of refueled energies;

6.  allowing for daily restful, peaceful, quiet time with my self to commune more with my inner Being and God, living more like the “lilies in the valley and the birds in the air”;

7.  letting my self be fully Loved, no more questions asked! 🙂

photo via Judy Belmont’s Emotional Wellness for Positive Living


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