Chapter 2013, Page 2 of 365

So I liked this new Facebook page because of a photo and a quote from Osho they published and liked by a Facebook friend of mine, which I saw on my News Feed. And I explored their page further and I liked what I saw, especially this one —


— WHICH got me wondering how and when we ever started counting the years as we know them today, and which led me to searching, and then finding this site, WHICH then made me think:

Thought Track 1:  So if Dionysius Exiguus made a mistake in counting Jesus’ possible year of birth and which later historians agree on to be before 4BC… then,  assuming Jesus died, at the latest, in 3BC, plus the 33 years He lived on earth, our real year now, if it is to be really Anno Domini (“In the Year of our Lord”, counting from the year He was born), should be plus 36 years, or Year 2049! Right?

Simultaneous Deeper Thought Track 1:  Wow.  So I came into the story of human history, based on the Christian calendar alone, on page 60 of 366 (Feb. 29) in Chapter 1968! And nobody knows when I’ll leave the main plot with the ending of the subplot of my own life’s story. But the real point is, before and after my part in the drama, Life went on and will continue to go on! What an awesome, humbling, and very comforting thought.

WHICH led me now to this next deeper thought track: So, really, what’s going to be my subplot of a story in the bigger drama, huh?  What’s going to be my angle of the things I was born to and which happened in my life?  And what’s the story I’m going to pursue from now on, the experiences I will more mindfully choose to have and the way of Being I will chose to be?

This is page 2 so far of 365, in my part of Chapter 2013. 🙂


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