Being a father…

This makes me think about my own one and only son… he seems to be growing up well, with his head and heart in the right place, and I’ve never brought any man home to meet him and his sisters until the man is worthy … I let him interact with other solid role models, though, like his uncles and my colleagues at work. I hope and pray to God I’ve been doing it right!

Dale Lavine

is obviously something I know nothing about. I don’t have a kid, nor do I necessarily want one right now. My brief and very basic knowledge of fatherhood comes from NBC sitcoms I relate to and the fact that, growing up, I never had a solid father figure in my life. A role model? Sure. My mother. But an actual male father figure that I could model myself after? Eh, not so much.

I mean, my mom dated guys throughout my childhood. There was my bald karate instructor that would later turn out to be bipolar. There was the hearing aide salesman who hated our dogs. There was the military police officer who was just kind of a douche. More recently, there was Allen, my verbally (and sometimes physically) abusive step-father. Granted, my mom didn’t know he was the man he was before entering the relationship, but things come to…

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