Being the son of a single mother,

Forget the statistics. Our reality is still ours to create.
I am proud of this son of a single mom, and prouder still of his mom! ;D Hurraaayyy! ❤

Dale Lavine

I was born in a state with a high crime rate to a single mother with no college degree. By all means, I should be one of those statistics we all hear so much about. For those of you that haven’t heard and/or read the statistics, let me lay them out there for you (sources are here, here, and here):

  • Teenagers living in single parent households are more likely to start abusing alcohol at an earlier age than those from a “classic” two-parent family
  • Teenagers from single parent households are not only more likely to commit suicide, but more likely to suffer from psychological disorders
  • Children with fathers at home tend to be more productive and do better in school
  • Fatherless children (having no father figure by birth or marriage/adoption) are more likely to drop out of school
  • More than 1/2 of incarcerated youths come from single…

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