Sole Sisters: Battle of the Islands: El Nido vs Coron

Comparing, comparing… El Nido or Coron for our summer vacation?

Sole Sisters: Battle of the Islands: El Nido vs Coron.



El Nido, Palawan 6D5N Holy Week Vacation for Only PhP8,999! | Project Dora | Travel Packages Philippines

‘Could this be what we’re looking for? 🙂

El Nido Palawan Philippines

El Nido, Palawan 6D5N Holy Week Vacation for Only PhP8,999! | Project Dora | Travel Packages Philippines.

El Nido Palawan

Photographing the photographer

Travel and photography. I see myself doing more of these for the rest of my life. Right now, I content myself with sharing vicariously the experiences of new blogger friends who are already into this, like The Budget Wanderers.



Wandering is not just experiencing the place, or having a great time. For us, it is a moment to unravel not just what we do not know, but an opportunity to create memories that we wanted to remember.

One of the most exciting things we have done is capturing photos, not just of the place, the people around the location, and the environment that makes it breathtaking; but, taking portraits of fellow artists that makes the whole experience worth remembering. Though it is suggestive of the creativity of a photographer to look not just on the subject matter in another perspective, it seizes the chance of catching another person’s imaginative mind. The mind that inspires…The thoughts which are artistically-oriented…And the silent communication of the lenses!  This provides a more genuine experience that will last a lifetime, as the wanderer bonds with other wanderers. Capturing the friendship that started…

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Steven Spielberg discusses his dyslexia for the first time ever.

This made me cry, in a good way. Reminded me of my own childhood, feeling like a misfit. I’m not dyslexic but I can relate. Spielberg buried himself in movies, I buried myself in books.

Lost Car Dream

I woke up groggy, dizzy and nauseous, even feeling tense and sick from a bad dream very early this morning.

I dreamt I lost my car again.

I’ve had recurring dreams on this theme over the past year, and I’d notice that they’d usually occur around times when I’m trying to make some deadline, so I figured that it’s just my mind’s way of waking me up early so I can beat the deadline.

But this morning’s dream was so intense, I woke up breathless, with a palpitating heart.

I dreamt that I was walking along what looked like Ayala Ave. in Makati (a prime business and financial district in Manila, Philippines, like Wall St. in New York) looking for my old green, Brasilia car (in real life, it was sold long ago), as I’d forgotten where I parked it.  Along the way, I met friends from work asking me where I was going, and when I’d tell them they’d just smile sadly to commiserate and make some suggestions which I’ve already thought of anyway. Not much help.

So, now, I search for “lost car dream” interpretations on the net and am quite surprised it’s a common theme among people’s dreams.

These ones resonate with me most (emphases mine):

1.  From Dreamhawk

The loss of something that enables you to go where you want to in life, or that you are carried along by to your goals or toward something. This can be a belief or a fear or any strong feeling or motivation that carried you through life and enabled you to reach goals.

If you connect your car with independence, then this links with the loss of that and your ability to have your own space or freedom.

This type of dream sometimes comes while you are really questioning who you are and what you want – a turning point in your life direction. The dreams also occasionally include one returning to where you left the car and not finding it. This is about a life situation connected with losing the motivations and ordinary convictions or stimulus that you usually had. It can happen when a mother arrives at the point her children leave and are independent and she suddenly loses the motivations that kept her going for years.

Useful questions:

Can I define what it is in my life I have lost, and how it went from me?

Are there external circumstances that have led to this loss?

What do I feel in the dream when I realise I have lost my car, and where do those feelings appear in my waking life?

2.  From  Experience Project

To dream of lost car means one has lost one’s way in life. The typical image is of the car being left earlier in a parking lot and now the owner is not sure where to find it. Details of the parking lot environment can be very informative. In waking life the dreamer feels a strong need to set a clear, ‘worthy’ goal and begin working towards it in a viable way.

3.  Even from WikiAnswers

Car = decision making
parking lot, car park place = direction to life

It seems like you have some sort of anxiety in your life. Projecting yourself losing car shows sign of losing control in making decision or not knowing exact direction you should move on. It may reflect your anxiety or your personalities in terms of how organized you are. However, the bottom line is that you are seeking for some direction in life and yet you are not sure which is the best one. Losing car seems like a symbol of losing goal in life and you vent it out in dream.

Reflecting on these possible meanings now, I sense some truth in them.  It is true, over the past year, I have been feeling like I’ve lost my desires, my drive for the things that used to drive me.  In fact, I have gotten so un-attached to these old desires that sometimes, I would wonder if this is what someone in their eighties felt like right before they died, if I was about to die!

In my career, I’ve proven my self many times and am actually taking on the role of mentor now instead of the one being mentored.   In my personal life, as a single mom, I have survived the most challenging times when the kids were still in their toddler years, and have developed key life skills that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life.  The kids are in their teen years now, with their heads and hearts in the right places, moving into lives and spaces of their own, and I actually have more time for me now.  As for my love life, I have gotten to the point where I love my own self and own company and there’s not so much an addictive need for another person to fill me up and complete my life, as a desire to share my life with another, if that opportunity comes.  If it doesn’t, I’m okay with it too.

So I’ve been living in a state of stasis in the past year– not the dark limbo kind of stasis, more like the just Living in the Now kind, just doing enough according to my energies on a best effort basis, but not really caring anymore how the outcome would be.

But I didn’t know I was “searching for direction” (as the possible dream meanings say)!  I’ve been happy enough in this state, and would actually like more of this for the rest of my life. 🙂

It’s just that, yes…. I do feel even more like I don’t fit in with the ways of the material world anymore, like I’m just clocking time here on earth to do what I’m supposed to be doing (and I sure hope I’m doing it now and doing it right and well!), like someone at the predeparture terminal of Life, and then when it’s time for my flight to be called,  I’ll  go, gladly and with relief!

Still, hmmm… more to reflect and chew on here, now that I’ve decided to pay more mindful attention to this dream.

Secret Falling

Secret Falling, 1

hide and seek
ninja pirouettes
silent, tender pas de deux
smiling, quiet understandings.


© Jeanette C. Patindol

September 21, 2012

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Secret Falling, 2

I dreamt of you again

For the fourth time since that earthquake

Eight months ago.


They say that when you dream of someone,
Even if you haven’t been consciously thinking about them –

They have been consciously thinking about you.


Have you been thinking about me?

Are they tender thoughts

Like my tender dreams, too?


The earth is still quaking, you know.

Nothing is as it appears.


© Jeanette C. Patindol

October 25, 2012

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Secret Falling, 3

It’s 4am again

and my first thought is you

when my last thought was you

Morning, noon, night

Dusk, or dawn

There is you.



In the silences,

more than in the babble,

I feel you.

Yet we must speak

if only to fill up the social spaces

and we succeed at being funny

while feigning casual acquaintance

or businesslike efficiency.



So, sometimes, I wonder

which is more real –

the silences

or the social spaces?



You are so near

yet still so far.


© Jeanette C. Patindol

December 22, 2012

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Secret Falling , 4

without words

you and i

hearts racing

ninjas dancing



© Jeanette C. Patindol

January 8, 2013 tweet

#haiku-ish #thirteensyllables

Siargao Isle Making Waves Worldwide

DAPA, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte – The famous Paradise Island of Siargao, the Philippines’ surfing capital, was recently cited as one of Southeast Asia’s top tropical wonderlands by Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia.The prestigious magazine with its corporate headquarters in Hong Kong has included Siargao in its list of 8 Ultimate Islands.

via Siargao Isle Making Waves Worldwide – Yahoo! News Philippines.

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Dubrovnik – The Bittersweet Memories

Awww… Life happens. And Life goes on. It is still beautiful, heartbreaks and all. 🙂


I have bittersweet memories of Dubrovnik. I travelled there to catch up with an old flame. But in the back of my head, I knew the relationship was heading straight towards the deep dark void of romance abyss – that is, splitsville. All good things must come to an end, but memories last forever, hence why Dubrovnik will always hold a special place in my heart.

Oh the crazy things we do for love! I visited Dubrovnik just a week after my 30th birthday. The trek from Melbourne to Dubrovnik was an adventure in itself. The journey involved close to an 8hr flight from Melbourne to Singapore. The second flight from Singapore to Frankfurt was just under 13hrs and the final leg between Frankfurt to Dubrovnik was a further 2hr plane ride. That part wasn’t bad. It was the 8hr stopovers at both Singapore and Frankfurt that was draining.

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